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Signature Program: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

January 2019 Newsletter

The Role of Men in the Workplace

As GFWC members we consider it our role in society to do everything we can to promote awareness and prevention of domestic violence.  But! What about men?

There are many things men can do in their workplace to help us—

Sharing Resources from “Workplace Responds to Domestic & Sexual Violence.”

Works cited:

                   When someone reports an incident to you please:

  1. “Listen and believe the person:  whether it is the victim or someone reporting. Coming forward as either takes much courage and risk -taking of their employment.  
  2. Self-Reflection: Do you think this could be going on in your workplace? Maybe you even supported or participated in this behavior. Being uncomfortable about being abused, makes one hesitant to share. Men must take steps to make a safe and supportive environment.   
  3. Assumptions: We know that men perpetrate most incidents of assault, but everyone can be affected by gender-based violence.  You may not think that certain behavior is abusive but stop and think how someone else may view the action.
  4. Questions: Find out what is going on with others in your life by asking, “Has this ever happened to you? How can I help?”  In a recent conversation I learned that this had happened to someone close to me and forty some year later I am just hearing about it. “Start talking and making everyone in your workplace know that you are willing to help and offer support. 
  5. Judgement:  Unless you personally experience a situation where your reputation, livelihood, or ability to care for your family, reserve judgement and embrace empathy.
  6. Become an ally: Practice consent and take cues or ask what the best way would be to support or help someone.
  7. Study your Workplace Culture: Does your workplace sideline, isolate, or speak over women? Were only men involved in the development of policies? Is the sexual harassment policy glossed over at orientation? Take time to evaluate and reflect on the policies that enable sexual harassment and think about how you and your fellow colleagues can approach human resources to advocate for a more thoughtful and prevention-focused approach. Ask to create policies that address gender-based violence. Respond with compassion and assure confidentiality.
  8. Understand Gender-based Violence as a Human Rights Violation: Ending gender-based violence is everyone’s responsibility. Let us all embrace this moment to delve into the root caused and change the culture of workplaces to one that promotes support, respect
  9. and equity.”

The November newsletter explained the White Ribbon Campaign. It is the largest effort of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls. Use these resources to make a difference.

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