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Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Idea from Illinois

P-Purses  U-Uniting  R-Resources to  S-Successfully  E-End violence against women

GFWC Illinois members are encouraged to participate in the GFWC Purse Project to raise awareness about domestic violence, to benefit survivors, and to support domestic violence shelters throughout our state.

Clubs or individuals are asked to purchase a purse and fill it with items to be donated to a shelter.  Purses may be designed to share with one survivor or filled with items to be shared by the residents at a shelter.  Ideas listed in the categories below may be helpful in creating your purse.  It is always a good idea to contact your local shelter for a list of their current needs as you plan the contents of your purse.     

GFWC Illinois clubs and districts are encouraged to use these purses as centerpieces for banquets, dinners, and district conventions.  Contests can be held where these purses are judged.  All purses should be created with the goal of sharing them with local shelters. 

There will be a “purse contest” at the 2019 GFWC Illinois State Convention.  Awards will be given to outstanding entries.  All participating members and clubs will be recognized.     

These purses will be used as centerpieces for a convention meal function.  Following the convention, clubs may donate their purse to a shelter in the Rock Island area or members may take their purse to a shelter in the community where they live.

Purses at the state convention will be judged.  Below are possible categories.  Items that could be included in each category are listed below.     

1.  Celebrations (Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthday)

2.  Pamper Yourself (body lotion, nail polish, bubble bath, chocolates)

3.  Personal Care (shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer)

4.  Collections (books, writing-notebooks, journals, pens, pocket calendars, socks, games)

5.  In the Kitchen (snacks, soups, coffee, tea, cooking utensils)  

6.  Crafts (chalk, watercolors, drawing pad, adult color books, colored pencils, yarn)

7.  Small, but Special (gift cards for groceries, bus tokens)

8.  It’s an Original (many needed items arranged in a creative manner)   

So GFWC Illinois members, use your own PURSEanality and be PURSEistant as you PURSEue an awesome design for your GFWC Purse Project entry.

For more information, please contact Karel Volpert at 217-497-7616 or

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