GFWC-OK 2019 Club Year Awards: Fundraising and Membership

The Tulsa Silver Foxes received two state awards for the 2019 Club Year.

The Tulsa Silver Foxes Club won two prizes for the 2019 club year with winning entries in Fundraising and Membership. Joan Maddox announced the winners via an email to the 2018-2020 officer team. The Silver Foxes will receive $25 per award from GFWC Oklahoma.

According to the reports submitted in January, the Silver Foxes primary fundraising campaign was the sale of Terri Lynn Nuts and Candies. At the September meeting brochures and order forms were distributed to each member and requested that a minimum order of $100 per member be sold. Members who chose not to participate were asked to donate $100. Thirteen members turned in orders totaling $2,242.62 resulting in a profit from nut sales of $515.50; five members turned in fifty dollars each resulting in $250 in lieu of nut sales. Four members contributed an additional $118.88 and the club received one non-member donation in the amount of $40.00 Total profit was $924.00 and an estimated 75 volunteer hours.

The Silver Foxes had the most net gain in membership with 3 new members net.

Congratulations on a great club year. We look forward to reading your 2020 club year reports.

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