GFWC-OK 2019 Club Year AWARDS: Signature Projects in Domestic Violence Awareness and Community Service in Conservation

GFWC-OK Sorosis Club of Waurika received awards in two areas: Domestic Violence Awareness and Conservation. The Club received $25 per award for a total of $50.

Partnering with Safe Center leadership, Waurika Sorosis Club helped launch Girls on the Run in Waurika Schools, beginning in 2019. GOTR is an international program whose mission is to teach girls critical life skills and strategies they can apply to all aspects of their lives through an intentional curriculum that integrates physical activity. GOTR serves girls in grades 3 through 8 each semester through a 10-12 week after school program culminating in their participation in a 5K run. Sorosis is GOTR’s support partner in Waurika and will continue to be a source of funds, volunteer coaches and site coordination to the Southern Oklahoma Council which serves a 7 county region. Members volunteered 287 hours and donated $500 to the project, plus an additional club member donation of $250.

2019 was the second year of the Waurika Wildflower Project which is organized and funded by the Waurika Sorosis Club. Club members coordinate the program with funding from Color Oklahoma (an arm of the Native Plant Society), the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the City of Waurika. In 2019, we had 15 club members hand-harvesting Indian Paintbrush seeds which retail for more than $500 per lb and are readily available in pastures and roadways across the county. They are so expensive because they have to be hand-harvested in the spring and processed by hand in the fall for late fall planting. This year members hand-harvested more than a pound of the seeds. Club donated $250 to the project, and a club member donated $500 plus Color Oklahoma’s matching grant. More than 100 club hours were dedicated to the program. More than six types of wildflower seeds were planted by ODOT in December of 2019.

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