GFWC-OK 2019 Club Year AWARDS: Community Service in Arts Program

The Philomathic Club of Anardarko was awarded $25 for Achievement for Community Service in Arts.

The Susie Peters Junior Arts Festival is held each spring. Art is brought to the show by teachers of the Anardarko High School, the Anardarko Middle School, and the Riverside Indian School. All the art is created by students during the current year. Art consists of black and white drawings, oil and acrylic pictures, pottery, sculpture, watercolor, and three dimensional works.

Philomathic Club members hang and display the art at the community room of the public library. The art is then judged by impartial judges giving first, second, third and honorable mention. Best of Show is selected from all the groups. The high school and middle school winners of Best of Show win $100. The show is open to the public for 3 1/2 days, then the art is taken down and returned to the teachers. This year there were 179 entries. All members of the Club participated in the advertising, display, and removal of the art. Congratulations on keeping art alive in the Anardarko community!

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