A new administration: Lighting the Future of GFWC.

            Greetings to all the wonderful club members of GFWC-Oklahoma.  We  started a new administration as of July 1 with a group of very dedicated ladies.  Our president-elect is Patty Noel Burkhead, 1st VP is Charlene Ridgway, 2nd VP is Monica Bartling, Treasurer is Betty Clay and our new secretary is Roberta Burrage.  All of these are extremely talented ladies and will serve you well. I am excited to work with them.

            International President Marian Simmons- St. Clair has the theme “Lighting the Future of GFWC” and is using the sunburst as a part of her logo.  It is attached in this newsletter.  Feel free to use it in your publications and in your local meetings.  The theme for Oklahoma is “Be a light for positive change”.  We are asking all of you to direct your energies to making a positive impact on the world around you, bring GFWC into the news in a positive way, address social injustice and address the signature projects related to Domestic Violence and Abuse in ways that are meaningful to your local groups.

            Our Federation is facing the same challenges as other organizations throughout the United States at this time, lots of changes in ways of communication, cancellation of on site meetings and uncertainty about being able to meet face to face. Our workshop planned for Guthrie has had to be cancelled.  The National Annual meeting set for Atlanta was cancelled and in its place a number of webinars are planned. As information about them becomes available, it will be posted on this site and also sent to club officers and District officers along with the Executive Board.  These will be free but admission is limited to 500.  The good thing is that once they are held, they will be available to view and use in our own State meetings and local club meetings.

            Of interest to all of us in Oklahoma is the upcoming South Central Region Conference set to be held in Arkansas in October.  I have received information today that it has been cancelled but all of you please hold October 10 open on your calendars.  Some sort of webinar is planned and all of you can and are invited to attend.

            Looking ahead to the fall months, the Executive Board is requesting that all District meetings be put on hold, the virus situation is still too uncertain for all of us. We are suggesting that the meetings be held in April as a part of the planned State Convention to be held in Edmond.  More information will be coming about this.  It is not a new concept, in earlier years all installations were held at the State meeting and each district had a time set aside to conduct needed business.  If you think about it, it is a cost saving way to conduct business for everyone.

            The new State Manual should be in the hands of those that need them very soon, a limited number were sent out to help with corrections and the corrections have been made. The National Manual is available at GFWC.org. Please register with the Member Portal, it is free and after August 1, that is the only way you will be able to access documents.

            We are looking forward to new adventures, new challenges and new friendships with all of you.  If you have questions do not hesitate to call or email me or any of the other Executive Board members, we are eager to help. In the meantime, get out there and be ‘Positive Lights for Change”, all change begins with just one step. Also, get ready to learn some technical skills in the days ahead if you are not already tech savvy! I am not!

Yours in Federation,

Carroll Craun

GFWC-Ok State President

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