GFWC-Oklahoma 2021 Writing Contest Announced

Greetings to our Oklahoma Clubwomen! GFWC OK State President, Carroll Craun, has commissioned me to encourage everyone to write a poem, short story, essay, etc. to be submitted to the GFWC OK Writing Contest for 2021. Yes, you do have time to do this!

Remember, we are all in some kind of self-imposed confinement at this time.

Short, Sweet, Funny, sorry published authors who have made $$, this is for we unknown authors in GFWC OK. Thanks for thinking about doing this.  Deadline for received submissions is March 12, 2021 as this old gal needs time to read and reflect before she chooses winners in each category of: Short Story, Essay, Poem, or Lyric!  Gifts will be presented during the Spring GFWC OK Convention.  Thanks for participating.  Angie Sellmeyer email, 918-429-9111, BY MARCH 12, 2021


Choose who your audience is: Adult, Teens or Children 12 and under

Since you may have multiple books in you, just choose one topic

Start with ideas, an outline or just pertinent words to get your idea across

Beginning, middle, end – hero or heroine, who or what causes conflict

Title and Edit comes much later

Read what you have written aloud as if you are reading to your chosen audience

Choose a specific time to write in a quiet place, music you like in the background, in front of a window viewing nature, etc.

Don’t doubt yourself, you really can do this!


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