Membership in GFWC — What is it?

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Wonderful women are doing wonderful things for our communities and others, during good times and difficult times.  Our local Clubs are an essential and integral part of towns around our state.  The Clubs’ reputations make an impact to our growing and changing civic environment.  It is an honor to join these Clubs.  Just ask!  Women are waiting for this opportunity to contribute!

The Clubs’ attributes are known, but the question arises “What is GFWC?”.

Go Forth With Care?

Go Forth With Compassion?

Go Forth With Concern?

Go Forth With Confidence?

These are some qualities for the GENERAL FEDERATION OF WOMEN’S CLUBS!

Make others aware by providing ‘Membership Folders’ for gatherings and orientations.

Present a Folder containing the GFWC founding mothers’ purpose; laws passed with GFWC support; women, current and past, making true differences for all, and local projects involving our Clubs.  This folder can also have information about our Affiliate Organizations.  Living in small communities, as GFWC members, we serve with Organizations all over the world.  Our impact is phenomenal! Let it be known! Membership will flourish when opportunities of benevolence are known. The ‘Give a Membership Folder’ project will answer unasked questions, while informing our communities of their opportunity to serve in a GFWC Club!

I am putting together Membership Folders and will have several at each of the  District meetings this Fall. “Believe the Possibilities”, “Be a Reflector of The Light”.

Patty Noel Burkhead, President


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