2023 State Convention in Pawhuska

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Miriam Costilow, GFWC South Central Region Treasurer, spoke to GFWC Oklahoma convention attendees about conflict resolution within their clubs, communities and personal relationships. Costilow was the key note speaker on Friday night. 

GFWC-Oklahoma met in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on May 12 & 13 for the 124th annual state convention.  This was the first in-person convention since April of 2019.  Ten of the nineteen clubs across Oklahoma were present at the meeting with a total attendance of 33 including our two at-large members.

Friday’s nights initial gathering was a fun evening at the Pioneer Woman Event Center in Pawhuska and included pizza and a Done-in-a-day Project of making jump ropes by braiding old t-shirts into the five foot lengths and securing with knots on both ends.  The jump ropes were taken by club members to give to domestic violence centers that serve their communities.

Seven Creativity and 12 category awards were presented with clubs receiving $25 for each Creativity Award and each First Place awarded.  Second and Third place winners were presented certificates. A total of $475 was presented to the winning clubs. The award dollars were fund-raised by special silent auction prizes at District meetings across the state.

Three presentations were made with South Central Region Treasurer, Miriam Costilow, (GFWC-OK Hugo Daughters Club) talking to the club about how to resolve conflicts within the club, within other organizations and in families; Karen Lyons, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Children and Family Services, presenting a program on the help that is available from the Choctaw Nation for Domestic and Teen Violence prevention and support; and Pearl Garrison, President Emeritus, from Color Oklahoma with Wildflowers, who spoke on how the clubs can get matching grants and planting support to plant wildflowers that are pollinators on highways, interstates and turnpikes in their towns and cities.

GFWC Oklahoma President, Patty Noel-Burkhead, presided over the event.

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