GFWC-OK is a member of The General Federation of Women’s Clubs(GFWC). We are an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Collectively, we are Living the Volunteer Spirit.


    1. Karen,
      Good afternoon. I sent you a copy of the 2020-2022 manual. Please let me know if you needed something else from the portal. I’m not sure why Google Documents sometimes don’t open and sometimes they do. I’m working on the issue!

      Thank you,

  1. I’ll be moving to Grove within the next 3-5 months and would like to know if there’s a chapter in Grove.

    1. Patricia,
      Welcome to Oklahoma and I’m thrilled you are looking for a GFWC Chapter here. We do not have a chapter in Grove. The closest chapter to Grove would be our Pryor Chapter. Pryor is about an hour’s drive from Grove. When you get situated in Grove — maybe we could start a chapter there! As the 2020-2022 State Membership Chair, I would be happy to assist you! Let me know if you would like to have the contact info for the Pryor, Oklahoma Chapter. Thank you, Monica Bartling

    1. I’m so sorry for the very delayed response. There is no GFWC-Oklahoma Chapter in Edmond. Your closest club would be in Perry, Oklahoma.

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